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Telephone: (803) 896-4696

Janet Baumberger

Bonny Sweat
Administrative Assistant

Allison Baker
Administrative Assistant

Sherrie Roberts
Administrative Assistant

Marcus Rush
Administrative Assistant

Hardwick Stuart
Advice Counsel

South Carolina Residential Builders Commission


License type Fee Type Current Fee Amount
Residential Builder License (RBB) RBB Application Fee $100.00
  RBB License Fee $160.00
  RBB Renewal Fee $160.00
  RBB Renewal Late Fee $50.00
  RBB Reinstatement Fee $260.00
Certificate of Authorization (COA) COA License Fee $100.00
  COA Renewal Fee $100.00
Residential Specialty Contractor Electrical License (RBE) RBE Application Fee $100.00
  RBE License Fee $160.00
  RBE Renewal Fee $160.00
  RBE Renewal Late Fee $50.00
  RBE Reinstatement Fee $260.00
Residential Specialty Heating and Air License (RBH) RBH Application Fee $100.00
  RBH License Fee $160.00
  RBH Renewal Fee $160.00
  RBH Renewal Late Fee $50.00
  RBH Reinstatement Fee $260.00
Residential Home Inspector License (RBI) RBI Application Fee $80.00
  RBI Reinstatement Fee $190.00
  RBI Renewal Fee $160.00
  RBI Renewal Late Fee $10.00
Residential Specialty Plumbing License (RBP) RBP Application Fee $100.00
  RBP License Fee $160.00
  RBP Renewal Fee $160.00
  RBP Renewal Late Fee $50.00
  RBP Reinstatement Fee $260.00
ResidentialSpecialty Contractor Registration (RBS) RBS License Fee $100.00
  RBS Reinstatement Fee $140.00
  RBS Renewal Fee $100.00
  RBS Renewal Late Fee $20.00


Synergy Business Park; Kingstree Building
110 Centerview Dr.
Columbia, S.C. 29210
(803) 896-4300 | Office Hours: 8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.,m.

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