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South Carolina Contractor's Licensing Board

Revisions to an Existing License

To make changes to an existing license, complete a Revision Application, Document 180 and follow the instructions for the type of revision you are requesting. There is no fee for revisions. The following is a list of changes that require a Revision Application with additional information below:

  • To upgrade dollar limitation per contract
  • To add or transfer a qualifier to your license
  • To delete a qualifier from your license
  • To add new/additional classifications to your license
  • To change your business name (see conditions below)
  • To change corporate officers
  • Address and/or telephone number changes
  • Request to make a license number inactive


Submit the Revision Application along with the correct type of financial statement. The type of financial statement required to initially upgrade a license is not the same as what is required with renewals. See the type of financial statement that is required for each upgrade here at Financial Statement Requirements.

To add a qualifier or add a classification:

The qualifier must take and pass a technical exam (if required). The qualifier must also take and pass the SC Code of Laws Take Home exam (Document 170). Follow the instructions on the application to add a new qualifier.

If the qualifier (1) has already taken and passed the technical exam, (2) transferring from another license, or (3) a waiver applicant, complete the Revision Application, Document 180 and following the instructions on adding a qualifier or adding a classification.

To delete a qualifying party:
Submit the Revision Application, Document 180 listing the qualifying party's name, social security number and the date he/she left the company. An owner/president /partner/authorized representative must sign this notification. You may fax the notification to (803) 896-4814 or mail it to our address.

To change licensed name:
A change in name for an LLC or a corporation requires an amended charter from the Secretary of State. The amended charter must be included with the Revision Application, Document 180. (Not required of a sole proprietorship)

If the federal identification number has changed or the "style of business” has changed (i.e. from a sole proprietorship to a corporation), you cannot use the Revision Application. You must complete a New Application, Document 165. The new application must be accompanied by a financial statement on the new entity, and the license fee for the new license.

To request Inactive status:
Licensee - The owner/president, partner, or authorized representative of a license can submit a written request to the board to request Inactive status. Licensees in an Inactive status cannot bid, offer, negotiate or perform work over $5,000.

Qualifying Party - A qualifying party can submit a written request to the board for their qualifications to be placed on Inactive status and/or request to be deleted as a qualifying party from a specific company.

To Reactivate License:
Inactive/Lapsed Licensee - Submit an Initial Application, Document 165 with a current financial statement and fee.

Qualifying Party Reactivation - A qualifying party can reactivate their qualifications by doing one of the following:

  • Reactivate with a lapsed/inactive S.C. licensed entity or apply with a new entity by submitting a New Application, Document 165 with a current financial statement and fee, or
  • Add your qualifications to a current S.C. licensed entity by submitting a Revision Application, Document 180 , and follow the instructions on adding a qualifying party.

Synergy Business Park; Kingstree Building
110 Centerview Dr.
Columbia, S.C. 29210
(803) 896-4300 | Office Hours: 8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.
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