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Active Renewals


(AB. A) Apprentice Appraiser
(AB. CG) Certified General Appraiser
(AB. CGM) Certified General Mass Appraiser
(AB. CR) Certified Residential Appraiser
(AB. CRM) Certified Residential Mass Appraiser
(AB. IA) Inactive Apprentice Appraiser
(AB. ICG) Inactive Certified General Appraiser
(AB. ICGM) Inactive Certified General Mass Appraiser
(AB. ICR) Inactive Certified Residential Appraiser
(AB. ICRM) Inactive Certified Residential Mass Appraiser
(AB. IL) Inactive Licensed Appraiser
(AB. ILM) Inactive Licensed Mass Appraiser
(AB. L) Licensed Appraiser
(AB. LM) Licensed Mass Appraiser


(AR) Architect


(AF. AFE) Auction Firm
(AF. FIRM) Auction Firm
(AUC. AP) Auctioneer Apprentice
(AUC. AU) Auctioneer
(AUC. AUE) Auctioneer


(BC) Barber College
(BI) Barber Instructor
(BMH) Master Hair Care
(BMN) Barber Assistant Manicurist
(BRB) Registered Barber
(BS) Barber Shop
(BSA) Shampoo Barber Assistant


(BCM) Modular Manufacturer
(BCO. BO) Building Official
(BCO. GC) Commercial Inspector
(BCO. LBI) Limited Building Inspector
(BCO. LBO) Limited Building Official
(BCO. LEI) Limited Electrical Inspector
(BCO. LGC) Limited Commercial Inspector
(BCO. LHI) Limited Housing Inspector
(BCO. LMI) Limited Mechanical Inspector
(BCO. LPE) Limited Plans Examiner
(BCO. LPI) Limited Plumbing Inspector
(BCO. LRC) Limited Residential Inspector
(BCO. RC) Residential Inspector
(BCO. SBI) Building Inspector
(BCO. SEI) Electrical Inspector
(BCO. SHI) Housing Inspector
(BCO. SMI) Mechanical Inspector
(BCO. SPE) Plans Examiner
(BCO. SPI) Plumbing Inspector
(BCR) Modular Representative
(BCS) Special Inspector
(BCT) Modular Third Party


(ES) Esthetician
(IES) Instructor - Esthetician


(LRD. RD) Licensed Dietitian


(ENC. COA) Certificate of Authorization


(EBL. A) Biological Wastewater Operator
(EBL. B) Biological Wastewater Operator
(EBL. C) Biological Wastewater Operator
(EBL. D) Biological Wastewater Operator
(EBL. N) Biological Wastewater Operator
(EBL. T) Biological Wastewater Operator Trainee
(EBW) Bottle Water Operator
(EDS. A) Water Distribution Operator
(EDS. B) Water Distribution Operator
(EDS. C) Water Distribution Operator
(EDS. D) Water Distribution Operator
(EDS. G) Water Distribution Operator
(EDS. T) Water Distribution Operator Trainee
(EPC. A) Physical/Chemical Wastewater Operator
(EPC. B) Physical/Chemical Wastewater Operator
(EPC. C) Physical/Chemical Wastewater Operator
(EPC. D) Physical/Chemical Wastewater Operator
(EPC. T) Physical/Chemical Wastewater Operator Trainee
(EWD. A) Well Driller
(EWD. B) Well Driller
(EWD. C) Well Driller
(EWD. D) Well Driller
(EWD. IA) Inactive Well Driller
(EWT. A) Water Treatment Operator
(EWT. B) Water Treatment Operator
(EWT. C) Water Treatment Operator
(EWT. D) Water Treatment Operator
(EWT. E) Water Treatment Operator
(EWT. N) Water Treatment Operator
(EWT. T) Water Treatment Operator Trainee


(FOR) Forester


(GEO) Registered Professional Geologist


(LCR. I) Community Residential Care Facility Administrators Inactive License
(LCR. L) Community Residential Care Facility Administrators
(LDN. I) Dual Nursing Home and Community Resident Care Administrators Inactive License
(LDN. L) Dual Nursing Home and Community Resident Care Administrators
(LNH. I) Nursing Home Administrators Inactive License
(LNH. L) Nursing Home Administrators


(MDO. DO) Osteopathic Physician
(MMD. MD) Medical Physician
(RCP. RCP) Respiratory Care Practitioner


(PH. PH) Pharmacist
(PH. PHI) Pharmacist Inactive
(PH. PIC) Pharmacist in Charge
(PHT. CPT) State Certified Pharmacy Technician
(PHT. PT) Pharmacy Technician
(PY. FQHC) Non-Dispensing Drug Outlet
(PY. PDO) Non-Dispensing Drug Outlet
(PY. PMG) Medical Gas/Legend Device
(PY. PY) Pharmacy


(RI) Real Estate Instructor


(RBB) Home Builders
(RBC) COA Certificate of Authorization
(RBE) Electrical
(RBH) HVAC Heating and Air
(RBI) Home Builders Inspector
(RBP) Plumbing
(RBS) Specialty


(AUD. AI) Audiologist Inactive
(AUD. AUD) Audiologist
(SLP. SI) Speech-Lang Pathologist Inactive
(SLP. SLP) Speech-Language Pathologist
(SLP. SPA) Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant


(VET. VET) Veterinarian
(VVT. LVT) Licensed Veterinary Technician

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