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Board of Landscape Architectural Examiners

Continuing Education

Information on Continuing Education Requirements for Landscape Architects

# CE hours required and length of licensure period:

20 hours over two-year licensing period

Type of CE: 

15 hours minimum in health/safety welfare topics; 5 hours allowed for practice related topics.

12 hours minimum in structured educational activities; 8 hours allowed for self-directed study.

Carryover Hours Allowed:

10 hour maximum.

Renewal date: 

January 31 odd years.

Grace period: 

The Board may disallow claimed credit for continuing education hours. The registrant has one hundred eighty (180) calendar days after notification of disallowance of credit to substantiate the original claim or earn other continuing education credit which fulfills minimum requirements.

Classes offered: 

Credit will be allowed only for participation in continuing education activities where independent verification is provided.  "Independent verification” means documentation of attendance by a sponsor or the sponsor's designee.  Please note that the Board does not pre-approve continuing education activities or courses.

Approved Methods:

1. Structured activities include but are not limited to technical presentations, workshops, or seminars on landscape architectural subjects which are provided by independent sponsors or held in conjunction with colleges, universities, conventions or seminars. Landscape architectural activities such as those organized, sponsored, or approved by ASLA, CLARB, and LA CES are acceptable to the board.

2. Self directed study may include:

a. Public service activities that draw upon the Landscape Architect's expertise such as serving on design review boards, planning commissions, building code advisory boards, urban renewal boards, or code study committees.

b. Authoring papers, articles, or books.

c. Individualized seminars, tutorials, or video courses.

3. Teaching landscape architectural courses or seminars:

a. A maximum of five (5) continuing education hours may be claimed per course;

b. Licensees may not claim credit for teaching the same course or seminar more than once. Teaching credit does not apply to full-time faculty.

4. The board has final authority with respect to approval

Reporting Methods:

Licensees will certify that they have met the continuing education requirement on the license renewal form. Documentation is only submitted if requested through a continuing education audit (instructions for submitting documentation will be sent with the audit letter).

Reporting Records Accepted for Audits:

Certificates of completion, agendas, or sign in sheets that show the number of hours credited for the course. Licensees are required to maintain these records for a period of four years.

Disallowed activities:

The Board has final authority with respect to approval of courses, credit, continuing education hour value of courses, and other value of content. The licensee will have 180 calendar days after the date of notification to substantiate the original claim or to earn other continuing education credit to fulfill the minimum requirement if the Board disallows a continuing education claim.

Failure to Comply With Continuing Education Audits will be considered a violation of the Landscape Architectural Law and will be subject to disciplinary action.


  • A new licensee is exempt for their first reporting period (not to exceed 2 years).
  • A licensee serving on temporary active duty in the armed forces of the United States for a period of time exceeding 120 days in a year. (Requests and documentation for this exemption must be submitted by January 1 of odd numbered years).
  • A licensee experiencing physical disability, illness, or other extenuating circumstances as reviewed and approved by the Board. (Requests and documentation for this exemption must be submitted by January 1 of odd numbered years).
  • Licensees approved for Emeritus Status.

Statutory authority: 

Code of Laws of SC, Section 40-28-60(A)

Regulations found at:

Chapter 76-6

Please contact the Board at (803) 896-4408 or at with questions regarding continuing education.

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