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South Carolina Auctioneers' Commission

Frequently Asked Questions

South Carolina Auctioneer Commission
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I have to do to become an auctioneer in S.C.?

A. All applicants for an auctioneer license in S.C. must be at least eighteen years old. There are three ways to qualify for an auctioneer license in South Carolina:

Complete and 80-hour Approved Auctioneer Course: Complete at least eighty (80) hours of classroom instruction in an auctioneering course at an institution approved by the Commission, submit an application packet, and pass the written examination provided by the Commission. A list of approved schools is available under the "Licensure” section of this website.

Obtain an apprentice auctioneer license : Submit an application for an apprentice auctioneer license, take and pass the apprentice examination. After passing the examination, you may then serve as an apprentice auctioneer for one year. An apprentice auctioneer must include an evaluation by his/her supervisor. You must be licensed as an apprentice auctioneer, before you can begin serving as an apprentice.

Reciprocity: An individual who is licensed as an auctioneer in a state that S.C. has a written reciprocal agreement may be licensed without examination. A list of reciprocal states can be found on this website under the "Licensure” section.

Q. Must I take a test to become a licensed auctioneer, apprentice auctioneer or auction firm?

A. Yes. Except if you are applying for a reciprocal license. The Commission does not reciprocate apprentice auctioneers or auction firm licenses.

Q. How often is the exam given?

A. The exam is offered on a quarterly basis at 110 Centerview Drive, Columbia, S.C.. Exams are offered in March, June, September and December.

Q. Are there a certain number of hours an apprentice must complete to be eligible for an auctioneer license?

A. Yes. S.C. Code of Regulations, Section 14.13 provides that an apprentice shall complete 80 hours of supervised training, including 40 hours of auctioneering, ten hours of auction ringing, 20 hours of clerking, and ten hours of cashiering. Such training must be completed in not less than one year.

Q. Do you have a recovery fund in your state or do I have to provide a bond?

A. The Recovery Fund fee is $100. A bond is not required.

Q. Do I have to have an auctioneer's license to conduct a charity auction?

A. No. If you receive no compensation and all items are donated to the charity, you do not need a license.

Q. Do I have to maintain an Escrow Account?

A. A licensee who handles the proceeds of an auction must maintain a trust or escrow account if the auction proceeds are not paid to owners/consignors within 3 business days.

Q. Do I have to complete an Escrow form even though I don't maintain an escrow account?

A. Yes. All applicants are required to submit an Escrow Trust Account Affidavit. There is a section on the form for individuals seeking exemption from the escrow account requirement.

Q. How do I obtain a letter of good standing or verification of my S.C. license?

A. Requests for license verifications are done on this website under "Online Services” or   There is a $5 fee for each request.

Q. Is an auction firm license required?

A. Yes. A business entity such as a partnership, limited liability partnership, corporation, limited liability company, or other business association is required to obtain a firm license. An auction business owned in its entirety by an auctioneer is exempt from the auction firm requirement.

Q. Does the Commission require Continuing Education to renew?

A. Yes. You need eight hours of commission-approved CE every two years.

Q. Do I have to send CE documentation to the Commission?

A. No, do not send any documentation of CE to the commission office. If you are audited, you will be notified to send proof of your CE hours. The hours must be obtained between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2015. Failure to provide the requested documentation may result in disciplinary action.

Q. Does the Commission accept continuing education from other states?

A. Generally, CE approved by a reciprocal state licensing board will be accepted by S.C.. However, the CE must be obtained during the appropriate time.

Synergy Business Park; Kingstree Building
110 Centerview Dr.
Columbia, S.C. 29210
(803) 896-4300 | Office Hours: 8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

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